Laser focus on your peace of mind

IMMUTEC has one mission: laser focus on your peace of mind. Our engineers and specialists have more than 20 years of experience and make sure you don't have to worry about anything yourself. No in-house knowledge, time, hardware or software required.

Both reactively and proactively, we ensure that your data is protected and your continuity is guaranteed. In addition to backup and protection of all your data, we also provide sustainable continuity solutions and high-end, tailored cybersecurity.

Furthermore, we offer custom-made solutions to meet your individual needs and requirements even better. All of our services and solutions are constantly being developed and improved. That means:


Your data and servers are always available


Your business can keep running at all times


Your data is inaccessible to malicious parties

The IMMUTEC Data Protection & Cybersecurity Platform ensures that your data and servers are always available, your business can keep running at all times and your data is inaccessible to malicious parties.

Contact us before you need us.
Our specialists will be happy to help you.

9 Immutec Guarantees

1. 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Our service is always available.

2. 30-day ‘not-good-money-back’.

Not satisfied? Within 30 days you will get your money back.

3. Immutability guarantee

Your data can never be changed or deleted when stored in “The Vault.

4. 100% Data Integrity Guarantee

Your data will always remain in their original state. Without any corruption.

5. Speed of access guarantee

Based on the infrastructure, we guarantee the maximum achievable speed for backhaul.

6. Transferability guarantee

Upon termination of the agreement, we quickly and easily transfer your data.

7. Fast recovery guarantee

Within 24 hours, 99% of your data is restored.

8. Privacy guarantee

Your information will never be shared, sold or otherwise used without your permission.

9. Lowest price guarantee

Please find somewhere else an immutable storage similar to

The Vault

then you will not only get the same price but also an additional 10% discount.

10 Points Comfort Plan

1. Preliminary research

We perform a “Security Health Scan” remotely.

2. No additional hardware

You don’t have to invest, we take care of everything.

3. No IT knowledge required

In-house IT knowledge or purchasing is no longer necessary.

4. Remote deployment

Visiting your company is not necessary.

5. No in-house employee needed

We arrange – remotely – your data security.

6. 24/7 monitoring

Real-time dashboard and monthly report.

7. Optimal cooperation

With your external or internal IT specialists.

8. 24/7 hotline

Always accessible in case of problems.

9. Dutch-language help desk

But also English, French and German.

10. Quick Response

Differentiated Service Level System.

These organizations are already secured by us

“Simplicity, ease of use and maximum security. No risk of data loss in the event of a hacking attack. This extra security is a plus that no one else could offer us.”

Frans Kluijtmans

ICT manager, Cox Geelen

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