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At IMMUTEC, we apply the PDCA process to ensure continuous improvement and efficiency in our work. PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) is a cyclical process by which we carefully plan, implement actions, evaluate results and then make necessary adjustments. This method gives us the advantage of structured process optimization, allowing us to respond quickly to changes and learn from previous actions. This leads to consistent quality improvements, increased customer satisfaction and a culture of innovation within our company.

Standing idle is not an option. Data and Cybersecurity is an ongoing process.

1. Kickoff

During the kickoff, we provide in-depth explanations of the services purchased and determine “who” does “what”. Our consultants take as much work off your hands as possible, but your help and knowledge of the organization contribute to its success.

2. Planning

Together we define important milestones and attach a schedule and deadlines to them.

3. Installation

The technical installation of the chosen solutions and services is largely done by our consultants. It could be that your help and support is needed in this, but then we have already identified this in the first stage.

4. Partial delivery

A mini PDCA process is initiated for each solution. Test, optimize, test again. Until it runs smoothly and the service can officially go operational.

5. Operational

You are totally secure and totally unburdened. Without hassle. All services are operational and we move seamlessly to the service phase.

6. Check

We continue to keep track of everything. That means we have an annual strategic meeting. A quarterly tactical meeting and of course you can contact us daily for operational support.

Specific to you

Guarantee the future of learning.

Guarantee continuity at all levels.

Sensitive data and trust assured.

Protect your ideas and prevent fraud.

Continuous connectivity is crucial.

Delivery guarantee and data protection.

These organizations are already secured by us

“Simplicity, ease of use and maximum security. No risk of data loss in the event of a hacking attack. This extra security is a plus that no one else could offer us.”

Frans Kluijtmans

ICT manager, Cox Geelen

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